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Trail Rides in area of San Javier - 2020


Prices quoted are per person for 3 person minimum*, without transportation to the ranch. Tours are Guided, with natural and cultural history, and/or Goat Cheese.

$49 for a 2 hour Desert Garden Ride.

$65 for a Half Day ride (3-4 hrs 2 or 3 ranch visits)

$72 for a 3-4 hour tour with Goat Cheese focus and tortilla making at a traditional ranch - 1 or 2 day notice needed in order to arrange with ranches.

$108 for a Full Day Ride with lunch, 3 ranch visits and San Javier mission tour or El Camino Real ride.

* For 1 person add $25 to each trip cost. For 2 persons add $10 to each trip cost.

Trudi Angell - cel 613 100-8438 tourloreto@aol.com

A non refundable 20% payment is requested to confirm a trip date. Please first check with us, then go to our on-line payment system. Balance may be paid in cash (pesos preferable) the day of the ride.


What To Bring - For day rides we have a couple of saddle bags for the group to share. You can carry in the saddle bags, a spare layer of clothing, camera, water bottle, any personal favorite snack -or lunch if you are riding during your normal lunch hour. If you are signing up for a full day ride or make a special custom arrangement, lunch may also be included by us at a ranch or at the restaurant in San Javier.

Bring / Wear : hat with brim, water bottle, long sleeved shirt, long pants, socks (there is thorny scrub, not much, but there is, on the trails), and any sturdy shoe (walking shoe or riding boot), sunscreen, a warm layer if weather dictates - it can be cooler in the mountains at 1200 + feet.



Mules are Wonderful! Mules Rock! Mules / Hinnys are a cross between a donkey (burro or burra - female donkey) and a horse (can be the mom or the dad). The half dozen mules/hinnys and donkey at Rancho Nuevo- about 25 km up on the road to San Javier - belong to Raúl de los Santos (Bule) José Martinez (Che) and Trudi Angell. Sometimes for a larger group we hire trusted mules/horses from other nearby ranches.

Riding a mule is much like riding a horse. They are large like a horse, and our mules are mellow. Animals on a trail, startled by a jackrabbit or whatever, are always subject to the possibility of a spook, but to date our mules have proven to be well-behaved and mostly unflappable.

Don't bother bringing carrots or sugar lumps. Unlike horses, our four footed amigos were raised in the desert and are not very familiar with feed other than what the desert (the natural food store for them!) has to offer, or alfalfa when they are in the corral. But, do come and meet and enjoy the ride on our famous mules - the heros of Trudi's long ride, 108 days up the peninsula on La Mula Mil. (The Mule 1000 in 2013/14)

Compadre - carried us the length of the peninsula, over 1000 miles!

Ratón Vaquero (Cowboy Mouse) - missed a few days, but also made the whole trip from Cabo to Tecate.

Chino - Bule's older, tried and true macho (a male mule). Never ridden before? We give you Chino: he has training wheels.

Dulce - Are you a big guy? We have Dulce de Guayaba (she is a beautiful copper-colored mula) as the one to fit, and long stirrup leathers to adjust for you too.

A couple of other mules, and, The Donkey (Coco - aka Kawasaki) --Cute, long-eared, fuzzy, as a burro should be.

We use comfortable western saddles that Trudi has hand picked, thinking of her guests… not the wooden charro-style seats. So come along for a day ride and usually by the end of the day folks are considering signing up for one of our multi-day pack trips!


Where to find us and the mules....ABOUT 45 MINUTES FROM LORETO OR LORETO BAY

Drive west toward San Javier, on the paved road into the mountains. Find us at Rancho Nuevo at about kilometer 24.5 (9 km before getting to the village of San Javier) - After reaching the summit and the road straightens out, you go about 3 or 4 miles farther.

Pass the ranch called La Cumbre, and after about 4 or 5 arroyo (river bed) crossings, Rancho Nuevo is on the left side of the road. There is a sign that says BULE'S MULES hanging on a cactus. Park in the driveway and walk through the gate. You may see animals saddled. The rancher, Raúl, or his wife, or the day trip guide might come out to greet you; but if we're in the back saddling up, come through and enjoy seeing their small ranch-house and garden.



If you are doing the Goat Cheese ride - we start the day at Rancho Viejo. RANCHO VIEJO IS ABOUT 1 MILE PAST RANCHO NUEVO. Usually we meet at Rancho Viejo at about 10 a,m., do the cheese tour, which may involve milking a goat! Learn to make tortillas, and eat a bean and cheese burrito with your own hand made tortilla. Then, driving your vehicle, backtrack to Rancho Nuevo a mile to do the Desert Garden ride on mules.

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