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Our Guides

Jorge Salas,...raised in Loreto... is lead guide, and a partner in our local outfitting company, Loreto Kayak Tours. In 1997 he graduated from R.A.R.E., a natural history training institute, and went on to receive a Baja Guide Scholarship from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

In the Loreto branch of our state university he trains Alternative Tourism students in sea kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, birding and Leave No Trace concepts. He is highly trained in all aspects of trip leadership. Jorge's professional and friendly attitude always keeps us smiling.

In the past year we've had the good fortune to have Jorge's wife, Celia Rojo, assist on some of our tours. A whirlwind in the camp kitchen, Celia loves being out on the water and islands in her hometown "front yard". As their young family grows up, expect to see Erika, Georgina, Jorge Jr. and José Maria join the pod.

Why we're proud to say -

The Best of Ecotourism .....

....... ¡ We Live Here !

Antonio Hernandez .... a local, born and raised in Loreto is one of our head guides, and a business partner in Loreto Kayak Tours since 2007. Excelling in sports and studying sports-education he has transferred his skills to the coast and mountains of his hometown and now works as leader on most all of our tours.

We are happy to announce that his wife of one year, Miriam, with economy and accounting background, is joining our office staff in 2014. Welcome aboard, Miriam!

Many of our guests who have paddled with 'Toño' request him as guide on their return tours. Antonio's enthusiasm is inspiring, his sense of humor, infectious, and... encourage him to sing a bit... you'll be back too!

Jose Maria (Chema) Arce.... who was raised on roadless ranches in the Sierra San Francisco in central Baja... is our main rock art guide and packer. Since 2006 he has been leading us to the World Heritage cave paintings hidden in amazing canyons.

Chema stars in the documentary film Corazon Vaquero, plays guitar, bajo sexto and accordion in his local ranchero band, and remembers the words to hundreds of traditional songs. As one guest proclaimed, "He's a-hand-and-a-half"... in the cowboying and professional guiding realm.

Trudi Angell...has been paddling and exploring the coast of Baja since 1976. Living in Loreto for the past 30 years, Trudi leads a few kayak trips each season and most of the mountain pack trips. Her main focus in the past 15 years has been riding with her daughter, Olivia, along the length of the Baja peninsula following historical routes of El Camino Real.

In 2013/14 a 1000 mile journey by mule-back has been the ultimate "Living in the Heart of Baja" adventure for Trudi. Will she do it again? Stay tuned, and come along for the ride!

Olivia Angell is a great link between the cultures and languages when she joins a group. Having grown up in Loreto with all schooling in Mexico, she is now a graduate cum laude of Marine Biology at the La Paz university. Mexican folkloric dance has been a passion since age 5, and her mom is thrilled to have a totally bilingual and bicultural daughter.

Olivia has ridden mules over 1500 miles in Baja and kayaked several hundred as well so she is ready to tell fun and unique stories of outback life on the peninsula, and now - to share insights into the marine habitats of the Gulf of California.

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