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Sierra Giganta Traditional Ranch Culture -Pack Trip

Day 1 – Arrive Loreto. A Saddling South representative will meet you at the airport and help you with a transfer to town, get settled into a hotel, and have an orientation meeting. Dinner on your own as you stroll the historic town center.

Days 2 - 7 Trudi or another Loreto guide will meet you for breakfast and we'll head for the hills to our trailhead. Meet the mules, and our local packers – Bule, Che, Dario, Chema, – "stars" of the film Corazon Vaquero... then, ride off to discover the back roads and trails into Baja's hidden oases. You'll be surprised to see ponds, creeks and springs tucked away in steep-sided canyons.

Ranching friends have led us to wonderful pools in the desert on routes that their ancestors used for travel in the rugged mountains. As we ride between the ridges of the sierra we'll visit remote historic sites and a few working ranches in the outback where folks still weave horsehair ropes and tan hides in the old-style methods.

During citrus season we ride away from local orchards with saddlebags stuffed with oranges; and on visits with the señoras of the sierras we often share meals of homemade tamales, tortillas, and the famous Baja machaca tacos we can later tuck away as "trail food".

Guests rate this trip as one of the best ever for a true taste of Baja.

On most of our Sierra Giganta ranch rides, we visit Rancho El Jarillal and the celebrated family of Dario Higuera, featured as one of the last of the traditional leatherworkers of the region. Visit centuries-old mission gardens where the first California wines were produced 300 years ago.

In the quaint village of San Javier we visit its famous Jesuit-built mission from the 18th century. Beautiful gardens and the spectacular historic monument, the best-preserved on El Camino Real, grace the single cobbled street of town.

Day 8 - We'll ride back to our local ranch base, bid goodbye to the guides and mules, then head back to Loreto for a hot shower in a comfy hotel room and a fun evening farewell dinner.

Day 9 – Departure day. Your guide will pre-arrange a taxi back to your departing flight. Buen Viaje ! We hope to see you again in Baja!

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