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La Recua aka Dario's Dream - (a film documentary: May ‘17 to Oct ’18)

Recua - From Ar. Hispanic Rákbah, and east Arabic classic Rakbah 'cavalcade'.
  • set of cargo animals, used to carry
  • a multitude of things that go or follow one after the other

Broad Strokes -

An old desert-grown Vaquero in Baja California, México has a new goal in life; so he gathers a herd of mules and donkeys, builds saddles and traditional gear for his outfit, and plans an historic re-enactment of the old-time merchant pack-trains that once traveled through that rugged mountain country over 100 years ago. His 8-year-old grandson becomes his right-hand man along the two-hundred-mile fading mission trail.

Wonderful pre-film trailers - Click or Paste these into your menu bar to see short clips describing the intent of the documentary:


Storyline / Theme

Dario Higuera has a dream. He knows it will take some time to make the old-style recua gear. A part of the film will describe how the pack-string equipment was made or gathered; part describes the history of the old falluqueros and their lifestyle; and in general the story will be dedicated to how our present-day burros and arrieros are re-enacting an era of commerce, las recuas (the ‘old-time truckers’) that was key to livelihood and ranching culture for centuries on the lower California peninsula.

Documenting vignettes along every step of the way, Dario and his compañeros will herd those donkeys across 200 miles of spectacular desert and down the old California mission and cargo trails. Some of his family will join him on the trail. Ramoncito adores his grandfather, and their bond is bound to strengthen as they share hardships and heartfelt moments along the way. Amigos old and new may ride along on the journey, exchanging memories of the past and enlightening viewers to the concept of pre-highway peninsular travel.

Twining their stories together like the strands of a horsehair rope, the thread of this epic journey will be to weave the Californio vaquero and arriero history, and the personal backgrounds of Dario Higuera and his companions into an exciting tale as they move that "long-eared cargo train" down the trail...and realize "Dario’s Dream".


Continuation of film segment ideas and teasers: Finding "Damajuanas" - in Comondú; and Comondú Wine and Dates; The Aparejo Connection - a ride to Rancho San Gregorio.

Damajuanas Found –

Wine in Time -

Aparejos & Bailes – …coming soon in our future....


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