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horseback riding and pack trips in baja california, Mexico

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GRAB YOUR SOMBRERO and join us for a glimpse of traditional ranch life little changed since early Spanish settlement!  Let experienced guides take you into the spectacular mountains of OLD CALIFORNIA. Riding through colorful cactus garden valleys and into lush palm springs you’ll meet some of the wonderful local folks of the remote ranches of Baja.

Visit the renowned World Heritage Rock Art sites and famous roadless ranches, near the village of San Ignacio in the heart of the peninsula.

Since 1988 we’ve been running great trips for small groups in the outback desert - unique journeys into the heart of the sierra and its historical ranch culture. For nearly 300 years the only way to travel these mountains had been on horseback. It’s still the best!

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General Itineraries and trip descriptions:

· General Information (travel, accommodation, equipment, physical requirements, food, etc.)

· Painted Caves of Baja

· Canyon Rock Art Pack Trip

· Whales and Rock Art !

· San Javier and Ranches

· Sierra Giganta Traditional Ranch Culture - Pack Trip

· Cueva El Serpiente & Ranches

· Ranch Culture / Ranch Gardens

· San Gregorio Ranch and Art

· Amazing Views Sierra SF

· Private Group Tours and Rates

· Favorite Menus of Guides and Guests

· BYO B&L (bring your own breakfast and lunch)


A Day in the life of a mule pack trip - Sierra Giganta Traditional Ranches route

Click a photo above to see many more photos in that category.
We hope you enjoy the gallery photos; credits to guides, friends and Richard Jackson of and owner of Las Cabañas de Loreto.

Read Trudi's Painted Caves of Baja journal!

Read Graham's Adventures Saddling South and Mule Packing in Baja by Thalia Zepatos for two wonderful accounts of our pack trips!

Saddling Trip Dates - Most dates listed include fly-in and fly-out days.

Those listed as Locals Special ( or LS ) do not include travel days. Any trip below noted as a 4 or 5 or 6 day tour are actual days on the trail... no arrival/dparture or travel to trailhead days are included.

Best Pricing for Pack Trips - the Locals Special - $135 - $180 per Riding Day 
Trudi offers special rates for locals who live in Baja and for travelers who are already comfortable making their own pre-trip arrangements. If you are driving or busing down the peninsula to the San Ignacio area for one of the rock art trips, or if you fly to Loreto and can bus, drive, or caravan with others to the trail head prior to the actual riding days then you may be eligible for our special rate for "locals". In addition to the $135-$180 per riding day, the extra expenses of travel to the trail head may be as low as $200 - $300 for travel and lodging.


Please Click on the Dark Blue Links Above the Video Clip for Trip Descriptions / Itineraries.

Saddling South Dates:

YearDateLengthPriceSpecial Description (if any)
2016October 18 - 214 days$6804 Day Canyon Rock Art Locals Special
 October 22 - 309 days$1,350San Gregorio Ranch & Art
 November 17 - 2711 days$1,595Painted Caves of Baja -Thanksgiving
 December 6 - 105 days$595Coastal Local Special BYOBreakfast&Lunch
 December 7 - 1812 days$1,695Painted Caves of Baja
 December 10 - 189 days$1,295Canyon Rock Art
2017January 8 - 1710 days$1,395Sierra Giganta Traditional Ranch Ride
 February 12 - 2312 days$1,695Painted Caves of Baja - FULL
 February 28 to March 56 days$895Amazing Views! L S - BYO B&L - 2 spaces
 March 7 - 1812 days$1,755Cueva El Serpiente FULL
 March 18 - 247 days$895San Javier & Ranches - 4 spaces left
 April 8 - 1811 days$1,495Knight Riders Sierra SF - FULL
 April 28 to May 25 days$795Coastal Local Special BYOBreakfast&Lunch

Summer months - contact us for private tours.

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